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Why You Shouldn't Stop Learning Even If You Already Have Your Dream Job

For many people, landing their dream job is the apex of their entire career. There's nothing wrong with thinking this but, if you've just grabbed the position you've always wanted, don't become too complacent. Instead, make it a point to continue learning and gain more knowledge and skills...read more

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Essential Services to Gear Your Business Towards Success

Setting up business isn’t an easy feat, but the satisfaction it brings to you from doing a project that you’re truly passionate about is well worth it. However, once you get your company off the ground, there are still essentials you shouldn’t overlook. Here are suppliers that can help you...read more

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Join a TEFL Course for the Experience of a Lifetime

If you want to work and live abroad, you will need to be well equipped for the journey ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for marketing jobs or want to excel in international business opportunities, without the proper training, you won’t make it very far...read more

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Are You a Teen? Build a Great Career by Taking Note of These 3 Key Tips

Like many teenagers nowadays, your priorities might include buying the most stylish clothes, having the latest gadgets and going to the hippest parties with your friends. There's nothing wrong with doing these things since they let you enjoy your youth. But, if you want to have a bright future...read more

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Career Path Improvements: Tricks to Follow to Expand Your Horizons

You’re out of college, so what? Making important decisions in life is one of the dilemmas of many young adults. Other than you, there is no one responsible for your life. And every time you commit mistakes, there's no one else to blame. Now that you're thinking of expanding your...read more

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Why TEFL International?

The current demand for English teachers is huge and with your TEFL certificate you too can experience the world with new and interesting opportunities arising daily in almost every country. No previous teaching experience or specialist qualifications are required. The only requirement is fluency in English.

TEFL employment prospects for graduates of our courses are excellent. You will find TEFL English Teaching job opportunities throughout the world, from Italy to South Korea, France to Thailand. There are literally thousands of TEFL English Teaching jobs abroad for certified EFL teachers.

TEFL International welcomes all applications, regardless of sex, age, race or nationality.


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