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Business English Teacher Training

TEFL International's Business English Teacher Training Certificate is a skills development course. The course is designed for native or non-native speakers with a general English background and for ELT qualified people from the business world who wish to teach Business English. BETT will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills needed for the effective teaching of Business English. This includes developing an understanding of the basic concepts and practices that Business English teachers are expected to be familiar with as well as the methodologies that are most effective for use in a business environment.

Course Content

On completion of their course, BETT trainees will have an understanding of:

  • Approaches and methodologies for teaching Business English
  • Core differences between teaching General and Business English
  • Language, terms and concepts of the business world
  • Analysis of needs and reflective course design
  • Development of appropriate teaching materials
  • Core communications skills: meetings, negotiations, presentations, telephoning
  • Writing in the business environment
  • Working with individual students
  • Working in a professional environment

Course Assessment

BETT trainees will be assessed in the following areas:

  1. Core business concepts and practices
  2. Approaches and methodologies of teaching Business English
  3. Professional skills for teaching Business English

BETT trainees can also be entered for the LCCI Cert. TEB examination.

Entry Requirements

Candidates for BETT must hold a recognised TEFL/TESOL Certificate and have a minimum of one year's teaching experience. In addition, candidates should have a standard of English which enables them to be understood in a business environment.




COST $250/£160

An Introductory classroom based BETT course is available at TEFL nternational Barcelona.


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