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TESOL Diploma TESOL Diploma

Once you have taken a certificate course and gained practical teaching experience, the next step in your teaching career will be the Diploma. This opens the door to better jobs or positions of responsibility like Director of Studies or Centre Manager. Once you have earned your Diploma you are considered a fully qualified teacher.

Online TESOL Courses - Online TESOL Diploma Course

Within our wide variety of online TESOL courses, our online TESOL Diploma course is the most advanced online qualification that we offer. The course is for practicing teachers or those who wish to achieve a higher level qualification having already completed a TESOL certificate level course.

There are a number of very good reasons for undertaking our online TESOL Diploma course that include, but are not limited to the following,

  • Continuation of your education and teacher development
  • Continuation of your professional development
  • On completion of our online TESOL diploma course you would be able to apply for a better paying post
  • On completion of our online TESOL diploma course you would be able to apply for a higher level post
  • Continuation of the development of your transferable skills

Online TESOL Diploma Course content

This course is arranged into 12 modules/units, as shown below, and is conducted via e-mail with your personal tutor.

  • Module/Unit 1. Study skills
  • Module/Unit 2. A brief history of ELT
  • Module/Unit 3. Second Language Acquisition
  • Module/Unit 4. Course design
  • Module/Unit 5. Discourse Analysis
  • Module/Unit 6. Material design
  • Module/Unit 7. Phonology
  • Module/Unit 8. Assessment methods
  • Module/Unit 9. Classroom management
  • Module/Unit 10. Embedding Learning Technologies
  • Module/Unit 11. Continuing Professional Development
  • Module/Unit 12. Negotiated Research project

The first eleven modules/units each require about 16 hours of study, which is overall study time of 175 hours.

The final module/unit is a research based project / thesis requiring about 75 hours to complete.

The total study time, therefore, would be about 250 hours. The task sheet for each module/unit would be marked / graded and reported upon by your personal on-line tutor. The modular/unit format of the course obviates the need for a final test as the course is graded on an ongoing basis.

Online TESOL Diploma Course aims

Our online TESOL Diploma course aims to provide an appreciation of a whole range of teaching issues from learning theories to material design.

The research based parts of the course are conducted mainly via the world-wide-web and sometimes through reference texts.

Completion of the course will not only improve your research and writing skills but also help develop a wide range of transferable skills from essay structure to question development.


The modular/unit nature of the course obviates the need for any final test as the course is graded on an ongoing basis. The online TESOL Diploma is achieved by satisfactorily completing of all Module/unit task sheets, and you will have the opportunity to re submit each module/unit a maximum of three times subsequent to annotation by your personal course tutor.

Online TESOL Diploma Course Pre-requisites

To be eligible to take the online TESOL Diploma course, which is an advanced level course you would need to have

  • Completed a TESOL certificate level course (or equivalent), and
  • Be or have been a practicing teacher, and
  • Be able to complete the course in full within one year

Online TESOL Diploma Course tutors

Your course tutor would be one of our most highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers, he/she who would still be a practicing TESOL teacher, with a minimum of ten years EFL teaching experience.

Post course TESOL job guidance:

International TESOL Teacher Training provides all reasonable assistance and services in finding a TESOL job after you have completed the course. This includes the following TESOL job support services:

  • Resume/CV preparation services
  • Information on sources of EFL vacancies
  • Job guidance counseling services
  • Job search and application services
  • Interview preparation services

We provide these assistance services and more throughout your teaching career.

  • Diploma in TESOL with tutor support: US$ 990
  • Diploma in TESOL without tutor support: US$ 500

250 - Hour online TESOL Diploma special offer:

Sign up for our TESOL Diploma course with tutor support before the end of this month and receive a 20 unit online TESOL certificate course free of charge.

Course Assessment

The candidate must demonstrate understanding of how to conduct proper classroom-based research as outlined in Donald Freeman's Doing Teacher Research, Heinle & Heinle / Newbury House.

  1. Language Acquisition

    • Candidates are required to write an 8-15pp paper showing current understanding of language acquisition, including discussion of Chomsky and Pinker.
    • Candidates are required to produce a report on a classroom-based research project looking at some aspect of Language Acquisition.

  2. Language - Phonology, Morphology & Syntax

    • Candidates are required to write an 8-15pp paper showing a broad understanding of these three part of language research
    • Candidates are required to produce a report taking an in-depth look at one feature of language from the above

  3. Methodology

    • Candidates are required to write an 8-15 pp paper covering the development of method over the last 30 years and the current state of things.
    • Candidates are required to conduct a classroom-based research project on some aspect of teaching approach or technique and write a report detailing their findings.

Entry Requirements

Successful candidates will have:

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent
  • An internationally recognized TESOL certificate





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