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Key Personnel

Bruce Veldhuisen Bruce Veldhuisen

Founder: brucev@teflintl.com

Mr. Veldhuisen is the founder of TEFL International and has been Course Director of language schools and TESOL courses in Hong Kong and Thailand for the past eight years. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Bachelors of Science in International Relations and Economics, and a Trinity College London TESOL certificate.

David Hopkins David Hopkins

Director of Academics: daveh@teflintl.com

David Hopkins holds a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training. He has taught, developed, managed, and done teacher training in language programmes in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for over three decades. His most recent position before becoming TEFL International's Director of Academics was as the Course Director at the AUA Language Center in Bangkok.

iTEFLuk Personnel

Peter Cornish

UK Marketing Director:peter@teflinternational.org.uk

Peter holds a Masters degree in Marketing and e-Commerce. He has taught, administered and run language courses all over Europe including Spain, Italy, Poland and France. He has a special interest in small business development and marketing planning in the Training sector. He holds a Trinity College London TESOL certificate.

Adrian Eakins

UK Course Administrator:adrian@teflinternational.org.uk

Adrian has been involved in the EFL industry since the early 80s and has taught and organised programmes in Spain, Portugal, Germany and the UK. Adrian is a graduate of Modern European Studies and holds the RSA Certificate TEFL as well as a Postgrad Diploma in Online Tutoring. He is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

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TEFL International, founded in 2000, has quickly become one of the world's most prominent and fastest growing providers of English Language Teacher Training programmes and Volunteer Placements

TEFL International is an ambitious and forward-thinking organisation with an ever-increasing choice of locations worldwide. We want to give you the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised English teaching qualification whilst basking in the paradise of your choice!

From Egypt to England, Spain, Vietnam or Costa Rica to Italy, France, Thailand, Korea or China, TEFL International is where you want to begin your English teaching experience.

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