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TEFL TESOL Course India - Kolkata

Teach English in Kolkata, IndiaIndia is truly unique in terms of the diversity that it offers. Many cultures and religions happily co-exist in relative harmony and there is a tremendous variety of traditions, costumes and languages on display. The Indian cuisine has rightly become popular all over the world and again offers something to suit all tastes. India is also home to one of the modern wonders of the world, the famous Taj Mahal, as well as other stunning cities, temples, palaces, castles, national parks and beaches. Late in the 17th century, an employee of the East India Company carefully selected the site now known as Kolkata as the location of a British trade settlement. Now the capital of West Bengal, and India's largest city, Kolkata is a seething mass of cosmopolitan activity as well as the centre of cultural, economic and political life of Bengal.

Protected by the Hooghly River to the west and a creek and salt lakes to the north and east, Kolkata isn't an ancient city like Delhi or Bombay but a colonial creation of the British Empire, once referred to as "The Jewel in the Crown of the British Raj". No other Indian city enjoys such a visible contrast or throb with such vibrant life forces.

You will find Kolkata the epitome of culture and creativity. Visit the temples, stroll through the markets or get refused by a taxi, your time here will allow you to experience life in "The Jewel" first hand. The city flies high the flags of communal harmony and behaves in the most erratic fashion over a civil game of cricket. Watch 'natok', enjoy 'adda' or scald your taste buds on the local curries; our centre is located in the heart of the city.


  • Kolkata, the City of Joy formally known as Calcutta
  • Training centre in the heart of the city and well situated for all forms of transport
  • International airport well served by Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong


  • An internationally recognised qualification meeting or exceeding industry standards
  • Course administered by highly trained staff with extensive local knowledge
  • Organized classes and a curriculum that has been proven successful and effective
  • Low student to teacher ratio


  • City life and environment offer the perfect blend of culture and modern lifestyle
  • Wealth of visitor attractions including the Kalighat Temple and the Victoria Memorial Museum
  • Great location to launch your English teaching career from
  • Internship and paid work arranged throughout India
  • There is a very buoyant English Language Teaching Sector in India if you have a TEFL International TESOL Certificate and experience


  • This course is ideal for Gapyear students and people wanting a change of life or moving abroad
  • Your fellow students come from different countries and various continents
  • Your teacher trainers are some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry
  • Your support staff will assist you with whatever you need
  • The locals are friendly, helpful and charming people who like spending time with foreigners


    Our TESOL training center in Kolkata is able to offer clean and comfortable accommodation that is well furnished and equipped and is relatively inexpensive. There are two options available at present. They are both shared apartments with three single bedrooms. Both have single beds with all basic furniture required, and are equipped with air conditioning. Transportation to and from school is provided free of cost for both apartments.

    Type A has a shared toilet, and is US$200 for the four weeks of the course. Type B has a private toilet, and is US$300 for four weeks.

Country Costs

Living expenses in India are low and the country remains one of the cheapest in the world to travel in. A basic budget of £20 per day will cover simple accommodation and food from street vendors. If you want to experience more of the Indian culture and live a more extravagant lifestyle then a daily budget of double that amount will allow for it.

Visa Requirements

A valid visa is required to travel in India regardless of your nationality and your passport should be valid for at least six months from date of entry. Visa applications should be made at the Indian Embassy or High Commission in your home country prior to departure. It is important to note that some Indian Embassies will refuse to issue a visa unless you hold an onward ticket for travel.

Health & Safety

It is recommended that visitors to India are vaccinated against Hepatitis B and Typhoid, as well as insuring that Tetanus Boosters are up to date although no vaccinations are required unless entering from an area infected by Yellow Fever. Malaria is quite common in some areas outside of major cities and it is wise to always use an effective insect repellent against mosquito bites.

Due to the change in climate and diet many visitors suffer from diarrhoea when first arriving in India. Avoid raw or spicy food and take care to drink bottled water. Medicine is fairly cheap in India and pharmacies are usually well socked. It is a good idea to carry details of any prescribed medications.

India is generally a safe place to travel and serious or violent crimes against visitors are rare. Pick pockets and petty criminals are quite common in tourist areas so it is advisable to use common sense. The Indians' sense of personal space is different from ours and unwanted attention is common. Female visitors can avoid unwanted male attention by dressing modestly.


Kolkata Course Schedule

      • 7 Jan - 1 Feb
        8 Apr - 3 May
        3 Jun - 28 Jun
        5 Aug - 30 Aug
        3 Sept - 27 Sept


How to Apply

Fill out an application form and take that next step towards learning in the cultural, economic and political centre of Bengal.


  • $1490(£960) : Comprising US$ 500/£325Non- refundable Deposit and US$ 990/£644 Final Payment. Accommodation US$ 200 (£130) and up.
  • Please note: Unless noted otherwise, all prices are listed in US Dollar amounts. For an estimate of these amounts in your local currency, please Click Here.

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Package – Internship *

    On successful completion we can organise a 2-3 month Teaching Internship. Various parts of India available.

    * Internship offer is available for Native English speakers only.


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TEFL Volunteering in India: Educational Support Tibet (ES-TIBET), is currently seeking volunteers to teach Tibetan adults at ES-Tibet, Village Ghar Sukkar. P.o. Upper Sukkar Teshil Dharamsala, in India if you successfully complete your TESOL course!

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