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Learn English in London, England

Life as a student in London offers fun and excitement with a never ending list of things to do and see. People travel from every corner of the world just to experience London's mix of historic past with dynamic present - can you imagine what it is like to study English in this Capital city! Making sure you get the best from your time studying in London is our number one priority. All our staff are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your stay here, not just in learning with us, but in immersing yourself in the best London has to offer!

BSGS is a small, friendly school located in the East End of London. It was founded by a group of English language teachers the British School of Grammar and Speaking.

BSGS is a modern, independent institution renowned for its uncompromising commitment to quality of education and flexibility of studying, as well as offering a range of popular courses for the most competitive prices. 

Aside from that, the college boasts a genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere that is conducive to learning and teaching. BSGS is a progressive, forward-thinking and dynamic educational institution, unique in many ways.  The college is constantly testing new grounds and challenges conventional systems of education by pushing the boundaries of innovation and seeking new and better ways of teaching and learning in order to help students get the most out of their experience at the college.Thus, BSGS has built a solid reputation for being a pioneer in numerous fields.  The college has designed and published nationally its own solution-based software and books as well as offering tailor-made courses for niche markets which has proven to be very popular and successful on many levels.

Would you like to learn English?

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Learn English in London, England

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BSGS College in London, England

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PTLLS BSGS College in London, England.



English Courses/ESOL/EFL

We want to make sure that you get the best out of your course at BSGS, so before you attend any classes we will ask you to take a test to ensure that you are placed at an appropriate level. You can also attend a free trial class before you enrol.

Full time courses are up to 18 hours per week and are intended for overseas students whose main reason for coming to the UK is to study English. Classes are in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit individual needs.

Part time classes are available throughout the week. These classes may suit students with limited free time or those who are working. Weekend classes are also available.

BSGS is an expert institution in the field of English Studies and the English department offers courses throughout the year, catering for all levels ranging from absolute beginner to advanced. These courses are very flexible and we try to accommodate individual needs by providing the following:

• Full-time English classes (3 hours or more a day)
• Part-time English classes (2 hours a day, 5 days a week or 3 days a week etc.)
• Evening classes (from 6.30pm to 8.30 pm)
• Sunday classes (from 10am to 1pm)
• Flexible schedule (students can change hours to suit work or personal commitments)

Our teachers are well-trained, professional, qualified and experienced native teachers who educate with dynamism, charisma and genuine enthusiasm and our prices are the most competitive in London..



4 weeks


8 weeks


3 months


6 months


1 year


Extras: Accommodation, food, flights, visa costs (BSGS College is Tier 4 a rated by UK Borders Agency), EXAMINATION fees.

Learning English and Its Importance

The English language is spoken by about 800 million people throughout the world, this is increasing
steadily everyday. It is the mother tongue of around 350 million people in the US, UK, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. In over 60 countries worldwide ranging from India
to the Philippines, English is a recognized official language used widely in public functions,
governmental procedures, the judiciary, the press and media. Even in China and Japan where it has
no official status English is taught in schools due to its value in international communication and trade.

The importance of knowing English, therefore, cannot be understated. In the globalised world that
we live and with increased immigration into the UK of newly joined European countries as well as
overseas students and tourists, there is an ever-growing demand for genuine, quality English schools.
This was our original starting point and this is where our strength lies – catering for the needs of
international students in communicating effectively in arguably the most important language of the
modern age.

Although our main focus is conversational English, we teach all the fundamental aspects of the English
language, namely:

• Speaking
• Listening
• Reading
• Writing

The above skills are built on 2 essential elements which are the building blocks of any language:

• Vocabulary
• Grammar

It is this crucial foundation which our teachers dedicate their efforts to, because when this formative stage is taught properly and well it will ensure the student not only gets off to a good start but will not encounter many difficulties in the future.

BSGS is committed to improving literacy and communication skills for foreign nationals whether it be for social reasons, to increase their chances of employment or for further education. For that we are very selective in our recruitment and teaching methods. All our teachers are qualified, experienced native speakers.

We also offer preparation courses for the Cambridge First Certificate (FCE). This course concentrates more on writing and grammar using a variety of traditional resources and books to explain detailed aspects of the English language such as verb conjugations, syntax, lexis, grammar points, idioms, word usage, collocations, orthography, phonology and so on. The course is for more advanced students than beginners. Practical exercises such as written tests, listening exercises and interactive role-plays are given as well as homework. Among other things, students are taught how to write letters, reports, articles, C.Vs etc. as well as comprehend newspapers, novels, radio/T.V programmes and everyday idiomatic English.


BSGS offers a range of study programmes including:

  • Foundation Degree (FdA) in Leadership and Management is awarded by the University of Hertfordshire, through their relationship with the UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Successful completion of the two-year programme will lead to the award of the FdA Leadership and Management, together with two Extended Diplomas, one for each year, from ILM


  • OTHM Diploma and Higher Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management


  • Accountancy and ICT Courses




An Award in Preparing to Teach in the "Lifelong Learning Sector" covers the basics of teaching in continuing and adult education - including how to plan sessions, motivate learners and use a variety of assessment methods. It's a first step towards official UK practitioner status - a full licence to teach in the lifelong learning sector in the UK.

EMPLOYMENT TRAINING (SIA; CARE ETC.) BSGS offers SIA accredited security training with guaranteed passes.

Prices start at £130.

The centre also provides Care Assistant and Health & Social Care courses.

Pleaseemailfor more information.

ESOL with Citizenship Classes. Are you an immigrant who wants to apply for British Citizenship?


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