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From our experience, we know that these are key factors that will make your overseas teaching adventure enjoyable and rewarding for you - and valuable for your students!

  • You have a genuine interest in living and working in a different country and culture than your own
  • You have the flexibility to adapt to new surroundings and new ways of doing things
  • You are comfortable being the center of attention and curiosity
  • You are a self-reliant, outgoing, charismatic person, who will be able to engage a classroom of eager students - and who enjoys interacting with new people

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Diploma TESOL

TEFL International is considered by many industry experts to be the front-runner in TESOL Course development. From our flexible, affordable and internationally recognized PELT Certificate to our world famous, internationally recognized TESOL Certificate, We have the English teaching programs required to open doors for you to teach English abroad through this certificate and obtain a Teach English as Foreign Language Job.

We are more involved with your job search than most other training institutes. With locations all over the world, each center is an area expert, building extensive contacts within that country. We work closely with you to find a TEFL job in the location of your choice. And, in a few years, when you decide to move from one country to another, our centers on that continent as well as our extensive job guidance department will be there to help you...

Dave Hopkins and his team of knowledgeable experienced teacher trainers of our TESOL Certificate Course strive hard to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive up-to-date training skills available in today's ever changing market. TEFL International where teaching comes to life!

TEFL International is an English Teachers Training institute. TEFL creates employment opportunities through various English language teacher training programs including joint ventures with many multinational companies.

TEFL International's TESOL Diploma programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to advance your career as a teacher. Your Diploma will open the door to many interesting and challenging positions including a number of administrative options. With a TEFL TESOL Certificate you learn "HOW", with a TESOL Diploma you learn "WHY!"

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