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PELT Certificate TESOL

Special Thai Project

Money Savers and Guaranteed Jobs - Special Projects  (Thailand, China, Korea) $500 includes TESOL course and observed teaching practice. Receive TESOL certificate and guaranteed paid job.

Would you like to spend 3 months living in Thailand, studying Thailand and enjoying the amazing history, culture and people of Thailand?
The PELT Cert. TESOL has been developed in collaboration with international ELT author, David Nunan

The Ultimate Seasonal Job

Here’s a seasonal job that just can’t be beat in any fashion. First, you travel to an exotic country and sit on a tropical beach for three weeks, getting top international teaching qualifications for free. After a week of learning a new language and culture, you get to make a difference in the lives of Thai children – and get paid for it.

Can you beat that for a seasonal job? The tropical paradise, the festivals, doing some good in the world, the free high-teaching qualifications... and getting paid to do it.

The world’s largest independent teacher training organization have partnered with one of Thailand’s most respected placement programs to bring native English speakers to Thailand to help teach children in need of language learning.

“We’ve been training teachers for a long time all over the world, and we are always looking for ways to help the world communicate better and help those that can’t always afford English language classes. When we met with recruiting agencies, we realized we could find a way to use our well-known training program to help Thai kids in rural areas. We knew we could attract university grads to the program – by offering them a free $1590 certificate in a tropical setting”, says Bruce Veldhuisen, Founder of TEFL International.

Here’s what participants on the program had to say:

“The temple and the monks was an amazing way to start off our time here in Thailand. It will be rewarding and at the same time it will be one of the biggest challenges of your life no matter your previous occupation!” Vincent Piersa

“It was a small class, any of my questions could be easily answered, instructor gave good advice and was helpful to answer all questions. Once in a lifetime experience, that has unlocked a different mindset of teaching" Sean Boxall

“Grow, grow, grow. This experience has allowed me to broaden my confidence and my teaching abilities greatly, as well as my appreciation for a culture that is so different from my own.” Laura Bloodworth

“Great experience, excellent tutors, fun learning and experience of a new challenge.” Sharon O'Connor

“I think the entire TEFL/ Special Thai project has been one of the most profound, moving, important and enjoyable experiences of my life. And... I've had a pretty (good) life to compare it to!!” Lucinda Bethwaite

“The TEFL special project was a good opportunity to get both training and work experience in a wonderful country like Thailand.” Robert Scialli

“Making the decision to take this course changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.” Bree Kenny

“The best way to see the world on a budget.” Andrew Mackey

Program participants can choose to remain in the program after it finishes and get an increase in salary paid, or take their internationally-accepted teaching qualifications to teach English in any country in the world.

Program Schedule Dates

Program Schedule

Special Thai Project Overview

  • Pay $500 non-refundable admin fee and confirm your place ASAP
  • Fly to Bangkok (airfare costs are additional to the admin fee)
  • Free airport pick-up and transfer to your accommodation in Ban Phe
  • Receive approximately 3 weeks of onsite training (which includes 4 observed teaching practice sessions) with TEFL Internationalís experienced training staff
  • Complete a 4-month teaching placement in a school in Thailand. TEFL International will help you find teaching placement in schools around the country. You will be earning 30,000 baht per month (currently US$ 900+) plus housing
  • Upon completion of your 4-month teaching placement, you will receive your TESOL Certificate.
Ban Phe, Thailand


Ban Phe is a sleepy and quaint fishing village 180 km south of Bangkok, and perfectly situated along the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. This coastal village is a friendly one, and offers a direct view into the daily life of the local Thai people. Several excellent Thai and seafood restaurants, many beautiful beaches, and some great shopping venues can be found throughout Ban Phe.

The pier in Ban Phe is a gateway to the incredible island of Samet. This beautiful island is only a 30 minute ferry ride from town, and has something for everyone - from fun-filled beaches with jet skiing and live music, to tranquil, secluded spots where one can enjoy the sea, sand and sun in complete privacy. Koh Samet is also a great place to do some trekking and discover the wide variety of plant and animal life in Thailand.

The famous Suan Son Beach is located on the border of Ban Phe and just down the street from the school. This pine forest national park has a stretch of beach frequented mainly by Thais, the perfect escape from the many touristy beaches in the country.

Ban Phe is only an hour from the famous resort city of Pattaya, with regularly-scheduled and inexpensive van trips available. Pattaya has everything that one could possibly want, and maybe even more! Filled with open markets, shopping centers, clubs and bars, Pattaya is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in the world.

And Ban Phe's close proximity to Bangkok allows for easy weekend trips for job interviews, apartment hunting, or simply a fun weekend in a thrilling city!

Immerse yourself completely into the daily life of Thai culture, and begin your TEFL career in the beautiful village of Ban Phe, Thailand!

Ban Phe, Thailand - About the School

Classes take place at a nearby temple school. The temple school was founded 10 years ago in order to provide quality education to the children of poor families who cannot afford to send their children to school. The students at the school are ordained as novice monks and are taught a full curriculum, as in any other school in Thailand, as well as practicing 3-4 hours of Buddhism per day.

The temple school is a short drive from the accommodation. You will be taken to and from the temple school every day. Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for you at the school and WiFi is also available for those of you with laptops.

Studying at the temple school provides trainees with a comfortable learning and study environment, along with a complete immersion experience into Thai culture. You will have an opportunity to meet the abbot, and will also have the unique opportunity to meet and talk with, as well as teach, the monks who live and study at the school.
Ban Phe, Thailand - Accommodation

TEFL International can offer trainees accommodation free of cost (based on two people sharing) in an apartment block located on the beach. The apartment block is a short drive (15 minutes) from both Ban Phe town and the nearby city of Rayong. Rooms are basic but comfortable. All rooms have a private bathroom and a fridge.
There are nearby restaurant facilities and local shops to buy snacks and drinks.
Please be assured that any special requests or requirements regarding accommodation will be taken into account, and that TEFL International will make every effort to honor such requests, although we cannot guarantee that individual requests will be met.

  • Native English speakers from one of the following countries:
    • USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand
  • University Graduate
  • Must be a Native English Speaker
  • Must be student friendly
Required Documents
  • Actual University Diploma / Bachelor’s Degree certificate
  • Police Clearance certificate / Certificate of no criminal record - Criminal
  • Record Check (CRC) from your local police department. The check should be a
  • local/state search (FBI fingerprint checks are not required and take a long time to conduct). If it is available, please ensure that you are getting a Sex-Offender Registry Check as you will be working with children.
  • Passport - Copy of the Information Page of Your Passport (The information page is the page with your picture, date of birth, exp. Date etc), should be valid at least 6 months upon arrival in Thailand
  • CV / Resume - Your resume should have a professional layout and appearance). Include all of your teaching experience professional and non-professional
  • Thai Non-immigrant B visa – multiple entry



Course Materials

Throughout your course you will be given materials and resources that will provide the basis of your input sessions as well as supporting you in your individual studies. Key resources will include the following:

  • Practical Teaching Skills & Concepts
  • Language Awareness & Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Classroom Management

Central to the course is David Nunan's Practical English Language Teaching. This text provides with a thorough yet practical overview of language teaching methodology for teachers and teachers in preparation.

Recommended Reading

In addition to David Nunan's Practical English Language Teaching, We recommend you are familiar with, or better still, have a copy of, the following publications:

  • The Practice of English Language Teaching, J. Harmer, Longman
  • English Grammar in Use, R. Murphy, CUP

These books will provide an introduction to English Language Teaching and English Grammar. Both are easily available from major bookshops or Amazon.co.uk and will prove to be invaluable resources during your course and throughout your teaching career.

Course Assessment

In order to gain your TESOL Certificate you must successfully complete a range of assignments. The teaching practice component is continually assessed and you will be kept informed of your progress.

Course assignments for the Cert. TESOL are as follows:

  • Teaching Practice
  • Foreign Language Journal
  • Student Profile
  • Teaching Techniques

On Site Support

TEFL International trainers and administrative staff will provide support throughout your course. Once you have completed your teacher training programme they are there to provide invaluable assistance in helping you find work.

Entry Requirements

You must be:

  • A native or fluent speaker of English
  • 19 - 65 years old
  • Capable of degree level education
  • Flexible with a good sense of humour and a willingness to teach
  • Dedicated and reliable


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Previous teaching experience is not required.

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