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"The TEFL International Certificate courses are among the best of their kind; excellent trainers teaching modern methodologies with input from some of the brightest minds in ESL. I highly recommend TEFL International."

David Nunan, a former President of TESOL, author of over 100 books and head of many academic organizations, including the English Centre at the University of Hong Kong

"This is a very sound course held in a stimulating environment, equipping trainees with the basic skills - and above all the real-life classroom experience - to take on ESOL classes, big and small, anywhere in the world."

Tony Foster, Trinity College London TESOL Certificate Moderator


“We feel that having students start their ESL teaching careers abroad with the training and supervision provided by TEFL International will make them excellent candidates for future employment and/or graduate study.”"

Letter dated November 7, 2001, from Professor Sandra Silberstein (then Director, University of Washington MATESOL Program) who had examined “course syllabi, extensive and detailed course materials, and other relevant documentation” of TEFL International course then offered in Thailand, China, and Morocco. [Note: Professor Silberstein, who sent this letter to TEFL International for it to use for possible accreditation purposes, has no current opinion as to TEFL International operations].


"I have recently finished the cert. course at TEFL International and couldn't imagine going out into the world of teaching without the tools they have provided. I would without hesitation recommend this course to anyone who is about to pursue a career in this area as well as anyone who is currently teaching and wants to refine their skills and methods."

Paul Oldfield, Course Graduate

"This course is of exceptional value. The information is highly valuable and accurate. The trainers are compassionate and knowledgeable. All have ample experience in the field and instruction is geared towards real life teaching situations."

Michael Leslie, Course Graduate

"I found the course invaluable. Everything I needed to know before beginning my teaching career was covered. First class instruction and highly practical throughout."

John McArthur, Course Graduate

"This is a serious course, offered with integrity."

Steve Blume, Course Graduate

"In February I took the TESOL course with TEFL International and had a wonderful experience academically and socially. I cannot say enough positive things about the course they run. They are thoroughly professional and generous people and I consider myself well trained for teaching ESL."

Shannon, Course Graduate

"As a veteran of twenty five years of teaching seminars my expectations were that I would profit mostly from the English language input sessions. Much to my surprise and gratification I also learned a good deal about teaching methods. The TEFL International program is the best value going for learning how to teach English as a foreign language. Not only that, I had a lot of fun. I highly recommend the program."

Edward Hahn, Course Graduate

"I want to see the world. They are showing me exactly how to make that a practical reality."

Robin L. Christoff, Course Graduate

"TEFL International is so much more than a school! It's an immersion into a different culture! Their professional and friendly approach makes you feel at home in such a comfortable setting. After taking the course I feel confident to use my skills and collective resources within any classroom. TEFL is much more than I expected... You not only finish the course with a certificate and many teaching opportunities, but with friends for life."

Melissa Parra, Course Graduate

"For a spontaneous decision, this has been one of the best decisions of my life. The course was well organized and, although I found it hard going, there was enough humor and support to make me always feel I was doing the right thing. You have opened a whole new field to me and one in which I am enjoying myself a lot."

Simone Allène, Course Graduate

"Writing lesson plans on the balcony with the crystal clear blue sea on one side and the green far-away hills on the other has to be teaching practice heaven!"

Linda Randall, Course Graduate

"The course in Ban Phe, Thailand is exceptional. I finished it in July and can not say enough about the facility, trainers, course administrator, and location. For the same price as a program in the states that does not include anything except tuition, you can spend a month in a very typical and un-touristy Thai fishing village, housing included, and even pay for your airfare to boot. The course is demanding but certainly manageable, the kids you'll be teaching in the practicum are wonderful, the family that runs the course will make you feel at home the moment you step onto the premises, and you may very well meet some people in your class who you'll want to know for a long time to come. I highly recommend this experience. You won't forget it."

Natasha, Course Graduate

"This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I felt so at home in front of my students. I felt really comfortable. I can't say a bad thing about this course."

John Ruff, Course Graduate

"I examined course syllabi, extensive and detailed program materials, and other relevant documentation." "We feel that having students start their ESL teaching careers abroad with the training and supervision provided by TEFL International will make them excellent candidates for future employment and/or graduate study."


Joyce Townsend, Course Graduate

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